Patchwork Piecing Shapes


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Have a browse below and get your inspiration from the English Piecing Papers shown below.

Hexagons are perfect for Beginners or if your more adventurous, try your hand at curves…either using spools or clam shells – that will keep you entertained for hours!

English Piecing Papers and Pre Cut Hexagon Fabric Packs remain readily available and can be posted to you by contacting me on 0412 306 292 or emailing, we would love for you to please visit us at The Quilt Fairy – please have a look at “Come & See Us” for details of where to find our Pop-Up Shop.

Measured by the size of the sides in inches.

¼” 3/8″   ½” 5/8″ ¾” 7/8″ 1″ 11/8″  1¼”  13/8″
1½” 15/8″ 1¾” 17/8″ 2″ 2½” 3″  3¼”  3 ½” 4″



Half Hexagons          1½”  &  3″ sides … 1¾”  &  3½” sides…3″ & 6″ sides


Elongated Hexagon             1″ & 1¼” sides


Honeycomb       1″ sides


Trapezium  Two sizes
(1)  Piecing paper has long side 3¼”   (2) Fabric to match long side 4″

Diamonds:  Sixty Degrees
1″   1¼”    1½”     1¾”    2″    2 3/8″   2½”    3″    3½”    4″ sides
Used for Six Pointed Stars and Tumbling blocks see Pre cut Quilt Kits
Can be used in designs with equilateral triangles and hexagons


Diamonds: Forty Five Degrees

  2″     2½”  3¼” sides
Can be used to make a Lone Star or combined with a matching square to make an Eight Pointed Star or Virginia Reel block

Four Pointed Star Pieces
Two pieces make up the star and the background.
Star piece is 4” long and the triangular background piece is 3” high.
Two sets of dies are available, one for piecing papers and one for matching fabric shapes.


Equilateral Triangles:
1″   1¼”    1½”     1¾”   2″   2½”    2¾”   3″    3½”   3¾”   4″   4½”    5″   6″ sides
Can be used in designs with sixty degree Diamonds and Hexagons.


1″  1¼”   1½”    1¾”   2″    2½” sides
Usually hand or paper pieced using squares of the same side size


Squares         1″    1½”     2″    2½”   3″    3½”   4″    4½   5″   6½”   8½”  & 10″ sides

Rectangles        6½”  x  3½”


Regular Pentagon …all sides the same … great for patchwork balls
5/8″   1″     1½”     2″  and  6 cm

Regular Pentagons 014

Irregular Pentagon …3 small sides, 2 longer sides
½ & 1″     ¾ &1½”     1& 2″    1¼&2½”   1½ & 3″    1 5/8 & 3¼”     1 7/8 & 3¾”
Can be used with hexagons,  sixty degree diamonds and equilateral  triangles with the same side size


Tumbler/Thimble … Machine or Paper pieced
Tumbler:   3 ¼” or 3 ¾ “high
Thimble:   1¼” high


Spools/ Apple core
Large … 5½” long      Small … 2½” long
Each size contains two dies one for piecing papers and one with the seam allowance, most commonly paper pieced or hand pieced


Bow Tie
Four, five sided shapes, with a central 2 inch square, make up a 6 inch block. Dies include one for piecing papers and a slightly larger one for the fabric.


Braid      5½ x 3½”

Image available soon. Samples available.


Dresden Plate…Machine or Hand pieced

Dresden machine blade
Wedge shape blade  5″ Dresden Plate with peaked ends
fits 15″ block


Dresden Plate…Paper pieced

Large  :  12″ Diameter

Peaked Ends

wesbsite 3 Website
Peaked End
Two Dies :
one for papers
one for fabric
           16 blades per plate

Rounded Ends

Dresden blade rounded end large

Rounded end
Two dies :
one for papers
one for fabric
16 blades per plate

Small :  5″ Diameter

Dresden Blade small

Copy of Copy of Dresden Plate 001

            Two dies :
one for paper
one for fabric
         8 blades per plate


Drunkards Path
Two pieces, concave and convex, are used together to make a 4″ finished block. Paper piece the curve and machine piece the blocks together.

There are two sets of concave and convex dies.
One to cut the piecing papers and the other to cut the fabric to match.


Clam Shell…3″ wide.

Two dies, one to cut the piecing papers and the other to cut the fabric to match.
Papers are used to produce a neat top curve but the sides are left untacked as the pieces overlap and interlock hiding the sides of the shapes above .
The pieces are usually stitched onto a backing fabric with layout grid marked on it.


Grandmother’s Fan
8″ x 9″ blades and a quarter circle make up the fans which are machined or hand pieced together and then appliquéd onto a 12″ block

 Grandmothers fan blades 001  Quarter circle GF  


Hearts and Gizzards

 Hearts and Gizzards 001  Hearts and Gizzards 002
Two wedge shaped dies are available to help make the neat curved piece that is appliquéd onto the half square triangles are used in this two tone quilt. One die is for the fabric shape,
the other is to cut a freezer paper piecing paper to help make the neat curve.4 blocks make up the pattern (11″)


Tab Shape
Use for decorative edges, Penny Rugs, appliqué etc

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