Exciting times at The Quilt Fairy!

Our  new web site will give us the opportunity to bring products and changes to you as they happen.

We jumped into 2010 with a bang, not the gradual lead in we were expecting.

A quiet first week and then quilts that needed quilting appeared and requests for die cutting came in very quickly.

The good news is that we had caught up with everything at the end of 09 and we are  in a good position deliver good turnaround times now.

Custom quilting will always be an exception to this rule.  Whist artistically rewarding,   it is time consuming and can’t  be done on a whim as it can tie up the  quilting machine and the quilter’s  mind for days at a time.

Busy year ahead

Displays and workshops at sewing days, craft fairs and trips to the country will keep us on the go this year. We love it!

blogNew Packaging

The packaging of Quilt Fairy products is undergoing a change. The new Piecing Paper packs will contain information to help you work out the numbers of papers you might need for your project

It is my aim to include small instruction booklets in with all the kits and packs.  I have included “How to” photos wherever I can.  Not award winning photography, but hopefully very helpful!

Before I finish this first Blog I want to thank my customers and friends who have supported and assisted me in The Quilt Fairy venture. They are many and varied, they are inspiring and they keep me smiling.

Thanks also to Kelly from Swish Design who is not only talented and professional in her work but has shown kindness, patience and good humour during the setting up this new web site


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