New Ownership

July 2, 2012

There has been a change of wings at The Quilt Fairy

Michelle Jones, the” new” Quilt Fairy, welcomes you to this site. New and exciting hand and machine piecing projects will be emerging in the next few months.

Although some of the products shown will be temporarily unavailable, they remain good examples of what you can make with Quilt Fairy Piecing Papers.

Whilst I’m growing into my “wings”, English Piecing Papers and Pre Cut Hexagon Fabric Packs remain readily available and can be posted to you by contacting me on 0412 306 292 or emailing

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Judy would like to say a big “Thank You” to all the lovely people she has met along the way and will be supporting Michelle in her new adventure, as much as time permits.

We look forward to the new ideas, that are spinning around in Michelle’s head,  becoming a reality.