Hexagons, Hexagons and more Hexagons

January 27, 2012

The Quilt Fairy has added lots of new fabrics to the packs of  pre-cut hexagons.  They come in charm packs of 100 different fabrics, or pre sorted Hexagon Flowers and Grandmothers Flower Garden. Charm packs are available in sizes to be used pcr ambien online with the following piecing papers:

3/8″     5/8″       1″      1½”    2″  and  3″

Grandmothers Flower Garden and Hexagon Flowers are available in the smaller sizes.

Piecing Papers are extra but are supplied at half price if needed.


Welcome to 2012 and our Quilters Circle

January 12, 2012

What is Quilters Circle?

“Getting Started” , our Saturday afternoon sewing group, has grown and is now called “Quilters Circle”.  As always, we welcome beginners as well as experienced quilters to our group.  Due to booking complications, we are moving down the lane to Minchin House, (behind Swanleigh..opposite church grounds) end of Yule Ave, Middle Swan.  To make it easier this year, we will be keeping to a strict buy ambien zolpidem uk online fortnightly timetable, commencing on Sat, February 4th at 1.30pm.  At timetable listing of meeting dates is found in ‘Services’ section of this website.  We’re looking forward to seeing our regular friends and hopefully many newcomers.  If you think you would like to be part of our relaxed, friendly group, register your interest with The Quilt Fairy  0412306292 email thequiltfairy@iinet.net.au.