“Back to School” with The Quilt Fairy

September 20, 2015


The Quilt Academy

Workshops begin on Saturday 26th, September 2015.  Check out “Workshops” on the Home Page for a detailed list of what’s coming up for the rest of 2015.



Oriental Fan Quilt Kit – Now in Stock

April 21, 2014


Fan Quilt (2)

“Oriental Fan” Quilt Kit


Do you love all things oriental?  If you answered yes, then you will be pleased that an all time favourite block has made it to the “Quilt Kit” range at The Quilt Fairy.

Our popular “Oriental Fans” have been combined together to create a complete Quilt Kit.  This quilt can be completed by hand or machine.

In your kit, you will receive 9 individual fan kits, 9 black background squares to applique your https://toptenss.com/phentermin-weightloss/ completed fan onto, along with the borders and binding fabric to complete your quilt top.

If you would like to have a complete quilt including the wadding and the backing, we can arrange that for you as well.

The cost of our kits are :-

$155.00 for the Quilt Top and Binding

$190.00 for the complete Quilt including wadding & backing faric

Contact Michelle on 0412-306-292 or email: thequiltfairy@iinet.net.au to reserve your Kit now.

The Quilters Circle has a Temporary Home during August 2013

August 9, 2013

During August, The Quilters Circle will be moving across the road to the Midland Ascension Church.

As the Federal Election was announced last weekend, the AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) has moved into the Church Hall for the next 5 weeks to enable local residents to enrol or to pre-cast their Vote in the Election.

The Church has been very accommodating and we will still be able to have our Quilters Circle during this buy legal adipex online time, although it will be held in the Church.  We will still meet at the same time : Saturday afternoon 10th & 24th August from 1.30pm-4.30pm.

See you there!!

New Home for The Quilt Fairy

October 28, 2012



The Quilt Fairy now has a shop! Yeah…about time I hear you say.

With the merging of The Quilt Fairy and Lavender Quilt it was time to have a shop front presence. A lovely old premises in Midland was chosen with lots of room, light and character very much in keeping with quilting and quilters.

At this point in time the shop is open to the public Thursday through to Sunday. Monday to Wednesday is reserved for quilt groups and classes.

The address is:

Shop 7, 1 Old Great Northern Highway, Midland 6056

The address can be a bit tricky for first time visitors as Old Great Northern Highway runs off Great Eastern Highway in Midland. The easiest way is to head for the Midland Town Hall clock as we are directly opposite facing west.

We have added a lot of new stock….

In our fabric range we have Jelly Rolls from gorgeous Bali fabrics, a new range of Bali Pops and pre-cut 2 1/2″ Strips, 100’s of pre-cut 5″ squares, colour sorted and packaged into the perfect gift for yourself or a friend including Civil War & 1930’s as well as 100’s of new fat 1/4’s.

We have added a range of circles to our piecing papers and don’t forget that our famous hexagons range in size from 1/2″ to 3 1/2″, but don’t forget about the octagons, diamonds, triangles or our popular Dresden Plates. In the fabric packs to compliment our papers, we have added Tumblers and colour sorted hexagons. Our most popular range of Quilt As You Go Hexagon Table Centres have also had an injection of new and stunning fabrics including some very classy Christmas Fabrics.

Last but not least, we have added Clover Back Needles to our notions, these hand needles are amazing to use and glide buy zolpidem ambien 10 online through the fabric effortlessly – they are just beautiful to sew with and I guarantee that once you have used them, you will never use anything else.

So pop in and see us to say Hi, we would love to see you. Opening times are :-

Monday & Tuesday – Closed for private quilt groups to visit

Wednesday – 6.30pm – 9.00pm
“Hexagon Heaven” Hand Piecing Group

Wednesday – 6.30pm – 9.00pm
“Midweek Machine Therapy” Machine Piecing Group

Beginners are very Welcome to both groups.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday -10.00am – 4.00pm

Sunday – Closed

Please call Michelle on 0412 306 292 or email thequiltfairy@iinet.net.au if you would like an information.

Take care and happy quilting!

Michelle 🙂

New Ownership

July 2, 2012

There has been a change of wings at The Quilt Fairy

Michelle Jones, the” new” Quilt Fairy, welcomes you to this site. New and exciting hand and machine piecing projects will be emerging in the next few months.

Although some of the products shown will be temporarily unavailable, they remain good examples of what you can make with Quilt Fairy Piecing Papers.

Whilst I’m growing into my “wings”, English Piecing Papers and Pre Cut Hexagon Fabric Packs remain readily available and can be posted to you by contacting me on 0412 306 292 or emailing thequiltfairy@iinet.net.au

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Judy would like to say a big “Thank You” to all the lovely people she has met along the way and will be supporting Michelle in her new adventure, as much as time permits.

We look forward to the new ideas, that are spinning around in Michelle’s head,  becoming a reality.

Hexagon Heaven

May 10, 2012

We have an extensive range of pre-cut and colour sorted fabric hexagons.

You can now choose from individual Colour Sorted Packs, choose  from Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Cream, Red, Black, Ecru, Orange and Brown Packs along with  Charm Packs, Hexagon Flowers,Grandmothers Flower Garden and Background Fabrics.

Most of these are available to suit the following sized Piecing papers:

½”,   5/8″,    1″,    1½”

Purchase these packs to make an entire scrap quilt, use the pre-sorted colour packs to make an individual colour quilt or add variety to your collection.

We also have packs of neutral pre-cut hexagons for the pathway and solids for your centres.

Charm Packs available in larger sizes for 2″ & 3″ Piecing papers.


Pattern and Paper Packs

February 17, 2012

ENGLISH PAPER PIECING PROJECTS…..Traditional style quilts made using The Quilt Fairy piecing papers and your fabrics.

We have created a new page under Our Products, showing you the first of our new range of Pattern and Paper Packs.

These packs contain an instruction booklet and all the piecing papers you will need to create a traditional quilt similar to the one pictured on the front of the booklet. We have some packs completed and ready for you to purchase, with more still to come.  Prices vary from Tablerunners for $8 to Quilts for $40.  These are handpiecing projects.



Hexagons, Hexagons and more Hexagons

January 27, 2012

The Quilt Fairy has added lots of new fabrics to the packs of  pre-cut hexagons.  They come in charm packs of 100 different fabrics, or pre sorted Hexagon Flowers and Grandmothers Flower Garden. Charm packs are available in sizes to be used pcr ambien online with the following piecing papers:

3/8″     5/8″       1″      1½”    2″  and  3″

Grandmothers Flower Garden and Hexagon Flowers are available in the smaller sizes.

Piecing Papers are extra but are supplied at half price if needed.


Welcome to 2012 and our Quilters Circle

January 12, 2012

What is Quilters Circle?

“Getting Started” , our Saturday afternoon sewing group, has grown and is now called “Quilters Circle”.  As always, we welcome beginners as well as experienced quilters to our group.  Due to booking complications, we are moving down the lane to Minchin House, (behind Swanleigh..opposite church grounds) end of Yule Ave, Middle Swan.  To make it easier this year, we will be keeping to a strict buy ambien zolpidem uk online fortnightly timetable, commencing on Sat, February 4th at 1.30pm.  At timetable listing of meeting dates is found in ‘Services’ section of this website.  We’re looking forward to seeing our regular friends and hopefully many newcomers.  If you think you would like to be part of our relaxed, friendly group, register your interest with The Quilt Fairy  0412306292 email thequiltfairy@iinet.net.au.


Merry Christmas

December 9, 2011





Getting Started Saturday Sewing Group, with Lavender Quilt and The Quilt Fairy

 Our end of year party is tomorrow 10th Dec and we will be winding up our year with a Show and Tell and a luncheon.

We start again next year on Feb 4th, 2012 and then every 2nd Saturday after that, at our new venue, Minchin House. ( rear of Swanleigh ) Newcomers, including beginners are most welcome.


The Quilt Fairy is taking a break from December 12th until January 16th. During this time we will be having some rest and recouperation and also arranging the printing and packaging of our new line of Pattern and Paper Packs.  Email orders can still be left, but may not be attended to until our return.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you for  your support throughout the year. Looking forward to a very productive and exciting 2012.


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